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right about now
sun starts to drown in the empty horizon
i never thought i could make that kind of choice
tattooed my soul for Yama

rise above it
reject everything
find yourself in the heart of mountains
create a new reality

yama holds the key to life

undress me from my skin
grant me with lack of flesh
to yama we pray for death
but the soul to be healed
the wound will start to rot
i do not need the reasons why
i do not care, i do not bleed
i do not blame anything

sell your soul
get gutted
on your knees

silence of the reason
breathless prey
dead i'll be home
dead i'll be more

sinners will mate
with the voice of inner darkness
ordered to suffocate
we all rot in silence

dead shit


from Lust For Suffering, released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Cerber Olsztyn, Poland

CERBER plays an uncompromised blend of hardcore, stoner/sludge metal and specific, strong groove, not avoiding either melodies or a complete lack of them.

We try not to give a fuck and reap what the world sow in our minds by transferring it into hatred- driven noise.
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