from by Cerber



withered i dance
lick the sand of my knees
diminished pain
dead drunk on my floor

the reaper's grin drills a hole inside me
such is the fact, such is the law
create, create madness
the land where devil is lord

sleep inside, my dynamite
reverence, to the fight

i sever flesh from this army of me
the reason comes, the reason goes
create, create madness
the land where the horned one is lord

i may not sing along to this version
man built to seek his hope all alone
renewed creation, day by day
a jester in a kingdom of fools

fuck you


from Lust For Suffering, released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Cerber Olsztyn, Poland

CERBER plays an uncompromised blend of hardcore, stoner/sludge metal and specific, strong groove, not avoiding either melodies or a complete lack of them.

We try not to give a fuck and reap what the world sow in our minds by transferring it into hatred- driven noise.
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